Paper Pro brings you another innovative product with the introduction of the ADHITCH.   This exciting, new, cutting-edge avenue for advertising features three different signs that rotate at intervals fully determined and adjustable by the user.   The ADHITCH has been proven to create a retention rate 97% higher than that of a traditional static billboard.   This means that you can now considerably enhance your advertising campaign in mere minutes.

The ADHITCH attaches to most vehicles via a 2” trailer tow package (trailer tow package not included).   Access to the rear of the vehicle has also been made possible by a specially designed pivoting arm that comes as a standard feature with the ADHITCH.   With the pull of a pin, the ADHITCH swings outward and away from the vehicle, allowing the storage area of the vehicle to be utilized by the user.

A rolling stand for the ADHITCH is an available option that gives one the added ability to use the ADHITCH as a stand-alone.   This means flexibility: the ADHITCH can be used to your benefit in ways and places apart from being attached to the back of a vehicle.    Trade shows, fairs, festivals and anywhere else people gather for an event are perfect places to use the ADHITCH in this way.

When purchasing a unit from Paper Pro, South Carolina’s exclusive ADHITCH dealer, the first set of 3 rotating ad signs made to the customer’s specifications will be included.   To learn more about this unique opportunity to separate you from the rest of the pack, watch the video on the ADHITCH below.